Our firm was established on January 7th, 1990 with the objective of purchasing and selling of fruits, vegetables, and forest fruits. It was the first privately owned partnership in Slovakia that focused in purchasing, food processing and consequently in selling of mushrooms freely growing in nature. All of the above mentioned products were supplied to producers in canned food industry. Our firm was building its business network in existing and newly opening food courts. Since 1995, our firm specialized in purchasing of the mushrooms, that is primarily focused on these varieties:

  • Mushrooms of Boletus edulis, reticulates, and pinophilus
  • Mushrooms of Cantharellus cibarius
  • Mushrooms of Leccium caprini, rufum, scabrum, and versipelle
  • Mushrooms of Suillus luteus, grevillei, bovinus, variegatus, and granulatus
  • Mushrooms of Xerocomus badius, and subtomentosus
  • And other edible mushrooms from allowed by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health from June 7th, 2000; # 1541/3/2000 – 100

Since 1998, our firm focused on production of products in retail size containers with intentions of successfully penetrating the markets of upcoming European chains. We were able to accomplish this goal by acquiring new manufacturing equipment and technology, and following the technological and hygienic requirements according to norms of EU (HACCP). Our products are currently being sold in business markets of Tesco, Ahold-Hypernova, and in past in Delvita.

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